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Name, Line, Livery or other changes since photograph taken.                   

I will always appreciate any information or corrections.  All information is given in good faith and is updated where possible.   (see Notes on some of the Vessels for further information)

Cruise Ships:

Alexander von Humboldt  - to become Minerva of Swan Hellenic [again!] 

Alexander von Humboldt  2 to be renamed Alexander von Humboldt (2009) sold end of season and will be refitted for 2011 season by All Leisure Holidays Ltd, owners of Voyages of Discovery & Swan Hellenic brands. 

ARION [IMO 6419057] renamed PORTO (2012)

Artemis to move from P&O to Phoenix and will be renamed Artania (May 2011)

Astor sold to Saga Cruises to become Saga Pearl II early 2010

Braemar - to be lengthened end 2007

Black Prince to leave Fred Olsen.  Sold end 2009 to  Servicios Acuaticos de Venezuela CA (SAVECA), renamed Ola Esmeralda. 

Caronia - sold, now Saga Ruby

C COLUMBUS, (IMO 9138329), renamed HAMBURG (2012)

Costa Allegra to sail as Allegra chartered by Croisieres Paquet for summer 2010. See below re breaking.

Delphin Renaissance, sold to RCI first as  Blue Moon,  Pullmantur Tours then to a new brand : Azamara Cruises as Azamara Quest, along with sister ship Blue Dream which will sail as Azamara Journey.


INSIGNIA to be chartered by Hapag-Lloyd Cruises for two years from April 2012 as Columbus 2.

LE DIAMANT [IMO 7325629] renamed OCEAN DIAMOND (2012)

Marco Polo - sold, will keep name.

MINERVA II, ex-R Eight renamed Royal Princess [see below renamed ADONIA]

Mona Lisa sold,  sailed as Oceanic II before becoming 'The Scholar Ship', but now reverted back to Mona Lisa. (2008). Renamed Veronica  hotel ship hotel located in the heart of Duqm port.

Ocean Village transferred to P&O Australia as Pacific Pearl Dec 2010).

Prince Albert ll renamed Silver Explorer (May2011)

PRINCESS DANAE [IMO 5282483] renamed LISBOA  (2012)

Rhapsody - to leave MSC 2009 renamed Golden Iris of Mano Maritine.

Royal Princess moved from Princess Cruises to P&O to replace Artemis (May 2011) and renamed Adonia.

Saga Pearl - see Alexander von Humboldt above. 

SAGA PEARL II [IMO 8000214] renamed QUEST FOR ADVENTURE (May 2012) reverted back 2013

Saga Rose to be sold end 2009 season. {see below}

Saga Ruby to be sold end 2014 season

SEABOURN PRIDE sold to Windstar Cruises February 2013.

Sovereign of the Seas - RCI - to move within group to Pullmantur Tours in 2008,  expected name to be Sovereign. 

Spirit of Adventure renamed FTI Berlin (May 2012)

Spirit of Oceanus renamed Seapirit (2011) 


 Van Gogh sold renamed Salamis Filoxenia (mid 2009)  

VISTAMAR, (IMO  8701193), renamed ORIENT QUEEN II. (2012) 


 ACERGY FALCON {IMO 7409401} renamed GSP FALCON (2011)

ADEVENTURE II  [IMO 7900261] renamed ADVENT  (March 2009)

 ALIOS ATHENA [IMO 9301639] renamed Athena 4 (2008)

 AMELAND [IMO 9166481] Renamed  Liamare (2007)

 ANGEL ACCORD [IMO 9266152] renamed Bao Sun (Sept 2009)

ANNEMIEKE [IMO 9147681] renamed Green Ocean (2012)

ANTARES [IMO  9036911] renamed , ATTAIR.

ASPEN [IMO 8810748] (Amy - 06), renamed EXE OTTER (early 2013)

ASSO VENTITUDE [IMO 9187942] renamed ATLANTIC RAVEN (2011) 

BALTIC TRADER [IMO 9119658] ) renamed BINTANG JASA 35 (2013)

BEAVER [IMO 8203555] (re-named ZUZANNA 2006)

BELLATRIX ID [IMO 8907577] Renamed KHALDOUN S (2011)

BELUGA INTONATION [IMO 9214551] renamed HR INTONATION (Spring 2011)

BERGE ODIN {IMO 9292101} renamed BW ODIN (2007) renamed ODIN 2012

BERTORA [IMO 9209130] renamed NAVION OSLO (2008)

BW HEDDA [IMO 9014420] renamed TIELRODE (2011)

BW HELGA [IMO 9014432] renamed TEMSE (2011)

BYTOM [IMO 7725659] renamed Define (Summer 2008)

BORDER HEATHER [IMO 9287833] renamed WHITSTAR (Feb 2010)

BORDER TARTAN [IMO 9287821] renamed DON GONZALO I (March 2010)

BORDER THISTLE [IMO 9287819]  renamed DON PANCHO I Feb 2010


CAPE ASPRO [IMO 9150389]  renamed PACIFIC MERCHANT (2012)

CAPELLA sold to Spanish Breakers (2011)

CAPTAIN BLUE [IMO 7902520] renamed ASSO (Spring 2011)

CHALLENGER II [IMO 7612735] renamed CHALLEN (March 2009) and arrived for breaking up Alang April2011

CIMBRIA [IMO 9183415](Comet - 08), renamed ALMA (early 2013)

CLIPPER NADJA [IMO 9122112] renamed Nordic Nadja (2010) 

CLONTARF [IMO 8318128] Renamed Antonia B (2008)

Clydenes [IMO 9191546] renamed CSL Clyde (2011)

C S VALIANT [IMO 9122875] renamed VENUS FRONTIER. (2012)

DOURO CHEMIST [IMO 9020429] renamed Roland Essberger (2008)

ELEKTRON [IMO 6930520] renamed Elektron II (2008)

Emerald Park[IMO 9031507] renamed HAI GONG YOU 303 (2011)

EXPLORER II [IMO 7612723] renamed LORE prior to scrapping (Feb 2009). 

F D INCREDIBLE [IMO 9361627] renamed MELTON TIDE (2012)


FORTH HUNTER  [IMO 9467500] renamed MAINPORT KELLS (2012)

FORWARD PIONEER [IMO 9314105] renamed AL MUMINAH (20112).

FRISIAN TRADER [IMO 9087544] renamed EFENDI BABA (2010)

FRONT COMMANDER (IMO 9174397) renamed DS COMMANDER (July 2012)

FRONT CROWN, (IMO 9179646), renamed DS CROWN (2012)

FUSHIMI [IMO 8412560] ) renamed GRANCE (2013)

GARONNE [9288930] renamed Torm Garonne (2008)

GAN-SWORD [9348297] renamed Patras (2010)

GOOTEBORG [IMO 9179311] renamed LEHMAN BAY (2012)

Grand Victoria [IMO 9244788] renamed NEWLEAD VICTORIA (2011)


HARMONY  / HARMONY II [IMO 9060273] renamed PCE MADEIRA (2012)

HUNTER [IMO 8104553] renamed BALLYHEALY (2008)

HEDDA [IMO 9014420] renamed BW HEDDA (2010), TIELRODE (2011) 


HELGA [IMO 9014432] renamed BW HELGA (2010), renamed TEMSE (2011)

HERO 1 [IMO9179610] renamed MERLION M (June 2012)

Ines Bolton [IMO 9395575] renamed BG Rotterdam (Oct 2011)

ISMAIL K, [IMO 9394234] renamed SOUSELAS

JAN FABIAN [IMO 9144689] renamed Nor Feeder (2006)

KATHARINA EHLER [IMO IMO 9061265] renamed BF MARYAM (2008)

KATJA [IMO 9105906]  renamed KAMILA (2013)

KINCRAIG [IMO 9178020] renamed Welshman (2009)

KIWI SPIRIT [IMO 9213193] renamed  HUEMUL (2010)

KOMMANDOR IONA [ IMO 7347938] renamed MARVIVA MED (June 2008), renamed HELIOS April 2009).


LARCH [IMO 8415689] renamed SJORS, (2012), GULF (2013)

LARISSA [IMO 9246566] renamed WEC Van Gogh (Sept 2008)

LYDIA KOSAN [IMO 9043457] renamed Sigas Lydia (2006)

MAERSK BEAUMONT [IMO 9313967] renamed Beaumont (Autumn 2010) – renamed SEAGO BREMERHAVEN (2012), MAERSK BEAUMONT (2012)

MAERSK BOSTON [IMO 9313905] renamed Boston (Autumn 2010), MAERSK BOSTON (2012) SEAGO ANTWERP (2012)

MAERSK MAINE [IMO 9007831] renamed MSC SIERRA ll (Spring 2011)

MAERSK MARYLAND [IMO 9007829] renamed MSC SUDAN ll (Spring 2011)

MAERSK RECIFE [IMO 9395082] renamed Fouma (2010)

MARE SALERNUM, [IMO 9260809] renamed ETC RAMSIS (2010)

MARUBA ALDEBARAN [IMO 9357858] renamed Niledutch Shenzhen (mid 2009)

MANGO [IMO 8003058] renamed Wakil Star (Mid 2009)

MONTE GRANADA (IMO 9271585) renamed ARCHWAY (2012)

MONTEMAR EUROPA [IMO 9232632] renamed SFL Europa (mid 2009)

MOL AMERICAS [IMO 9217565] renamed YM Santos, now reverted back to Amanda (Autumn 2008)

NEPTUNUS [IMO 8821747] renamed  GOLFA III (2012).

NORD STEALTH [IMO 9235000] renamed Eagle Stealth (2007)

NORQUEEN [IMO 7902647] renamed MEDQUEEN (2013)

NORTHSEA TRADER [IMO 9119646] renamed Yusuf Cenpioglu (2010)

NORTHERN QUEEN, [IMO 8112536] renamed RAMCO QUEEN (Spring 2012)

OLIVA [IMO 9196606] renamed FRONT ARIAKE (Spring 2012)

OVERSEAS CATHY [IMO 9248849] renamed DHT CATHY (early 2013)

PALLAS {IMO 8502286} renamed DANA ( 2008)

PARANA FEEDER [IMO 7027758] renamed Reina Del Parana (Early 2009)

PER [IMO 7218084] tug, renamed ATLAS (Spring 2011)

Please Please Me [IMO 9087805] renamed AGHIA MARINA (late 2009)

POMORZE ZACHODNIE [IMO 8207783] renamed SEA WAY (2013)

POWER EXPRESS [IMO 9273911] renamed VOS POWER  (2012)

PRINCESS OF SCANDINAVIA [IMO 7361324] renamed Moby Otta

QUEEN OF SCANDINAVIA [IMO 7911533] renamed Princess Maria (2010)

RODLO [IMO 8219334] renamed MINELKAR (2012)

SCOTIA SPIRIT {IMO 9012903} renamed SCOTIA (2011)

SEAWHEEL VENTURE [IMO 9118006] renamed Anne (2008)

SMS SHOALBUSTER [ 9475923] Sea Charlie  (2010)

SIGAS COMMANDER [IMO 9112155] renamed G GAS COMMANDER ((Oct 2011)

SIGAS LINDA [IMO 9034511] renamed G GAS LINDA ((Oct 2011)

SILVER YING [IMO 9108922] renamed HAU DA SHAN (2009) 

SISU CANOPUS [IMO 9187162] renamed MAG PEARL


STENA BRITANNICA {IMO 9235517} renamed Britannica

STENA GERMANICA [IMO 7907659] renamed Stena Vision

SUPERFAST IX [IMO 9211509] renamed Atlantic Vision December 2008(see below)

SUPERFAST X  [IMO 9211511], renamed Jean Nicoli, (2007) SeaFrance-Moliere (2008), . See below.

TINA JAKOBSEN [IMO 7924372] renamed Gastrader 3 (2007) 

TORM MARGIT [IM0 9306627], 61,724/07 renamed LR ALDEBARAN (2012)

TRITON AV GOTEBORG [IMO 7805150] renamed TAMINA (2010)

UNION TOPAZ [IMO 8502133] renamed PEAK SAUDA (2012)

VIKING TROLL [IMO 9203203] renamed BB Troll (2011)

VISCOUNT [IMO 7432147] renamed LIBERTY (2012)

WESERSTERN [IMO 9035826] renamed SVYATOY PAVEL (2012)

WESTERN TRADER [IMO 9031416] renamed BINTANG JASA 31 (2012)

WIELUN [IMO 7725594] renamed Bereket (Summer 2008)

MURMANSK SHIPPING COMPANY ships ‘scrapped’ and rebuilt with new IMO numbers:

Aleksandr Nevskiy 7721213  new Novaya Zemlya 9549281

Dmitriy Donskoy    7721196 new Severnaya Zemlya 9551923

Emelyan Pugachev 7721287 new Grumant 9385879

Ivan Bogun            7721304 new  Zapolyarye 9524208

Yurly Dolgorukly    7721299 new Pomorye 9428499



CSO APACHE beached Alang June 2010

COSTA ALLEGRA suffered a serious engine fire in the early part of 2012 has been sold to Turkish shipbreakers in Aliaga.

The ship was renamed SANTA CRUISE and sailed to Turkey for dismantling 2013

CHALLENGER ll  [IMO 7612735] renamed CHALLEN (March 2009) and arrived for breaking up Alang April2011

DMITRIY POZHARSKIY to Chinese breakers arrived Jiangyin 22/8/2011

FORT GEORGE left Liverpool 16th January 2013 towed

by tug CHRISTOS XXIII for breakers arrived Aliaga 11/2/2013

EXPLORER II [IMO 7612723] renamed LORE prior to scrapping at Alanga - arrived Sept. 2009.

KAPITAN NAZAREV arrived Alang 8/9/2012. Beached 17/9/2012

KOMMANDOR JACK [IMO 5380376] (Valdivia -99, Vikingbank -70), 1,318/61 – research survey vessel. By Hays Ships Ltd., Bahamas, to unknown breakers, reported 1/2013

LYUBOV ORLOVA broke tow and believed sank April 2013

MERCHANT to Chinese breakers and arrived Jiangyin 10/4/2012

MSC FADO to Indian breakers and arrived Alang 23/11/2011.

MSC PATRICIA arrived Alang, beached 16th June

RILA beached Gadan Beach Feb 2011

SAGA ROSE [IMO 6416043] Broken up 2010

SCOTIA SPIRIT renamed Scotia arrived Alang 3/9/2011

Stril Surveyor demolition started October 2007

Tina Jacobsen, renamed Gastrader 3 (2007), arrived Aliaga Feb 2011.

TRANS HOLM arrived Grenaa 3/5/2012

         VEGALAND Demolition Pvt., India arrived Alang 1/4/2012.


Clydenes [IMO 9191546] renamed CSL Clyde (2011) scrapped?


DENMARK The corvette NIELS JUEL was towed from the Korsør Naval Base on 16th January en route to Lindoe, Odense to be scrapped by the Danish company HJ Hansen and was followed by her sisters, OLFERT FISCHER and PETER TORDENSKIOLD on 17th and 18th respectively.